The older brother had a tape recorder with a microphone. He recorded our voices. I didn't imagine my voice like that. It was like someone else's voice. This must have happened too many. To me, the rumble of such a statement was a complete bang. I was amazed at how wrong a reflection I have created of myself. In fact, I didn't have much idea of ​​my own voice, but it was impossible to come up with it. I had lied to myself all the time. How difficult it is to create an adequate picture of yourself. Side view.

Of course, you usually practice everything. Or agreed. Sorry. An encoded thirst for life. Maintenance instinct.

At some point, of course, I realised that it would be especially sweet if everyone spoke with the voice of Laurence Olivier.

Relationships between people are inevitably a disguise and a very complicated thing. For example, now I'm working on how my answers to your questions sound. I try to be as honest as I can. I dare say everyone is only interested in honesty.

There is also a big mask ball outside the stage life. Alive. This has been the case throughout human history. It is normal. I wear a mask and I have my interests in the game. Mostly it is known and coded, but usually in its own right and can also happen that wrong. And then all the trouble begins. I want to say that the game is not just on stage. Of course, the legitimate question is why I am simply not true then, but I am not sure that this option works for people, I do not tolerate anything other than my own truth when proclaiming the truth. All that would remain is the principle of having power, that right. Predator. Besides, such interesting concepts as joke, irony, sarcasm, satire, rumours would disappear from human life.

I'm not sure if the wording of my thoughts sounds the way I perceive them. What do I really want?

Quite exactly the same in stage life.