I believe I am quite a tolerant person. Omnivore. Very different and wall-to-wall things taste good. In the sense of theatre as well. Of course I have to find a kernel out there that would work. It is still exciting how a person with a full physical and physical name can cope with another, whether it comes or why it doesn't. How does love arise between two, three, eight different individuals or does it not arise? Where does envy begin, when is fear born?

I still have a bold and honest look at myself in a work of art and fiction. Confessional confession. Of course not bravely boasting and bare belly.

I have often wondered what sets me apart from other people as an actor, what fascinates me with rehearsals of a production. This is a rather ruthless nudity for both myself and the partner actors. To get a touch of truth, I have to dare to let my colleagues, later the audience, peek where I usually don't let anyone or anything. Even where I haven't even gotten too. After all, it is still the enjoyment of one's own suffering and the cruelty that enjoys the torment of others. It is, of course, sometimes devastating, but it is necessary for it to be repentance by the end of the play. The audience in the hall as well as the actors on stage would reach a place where they could not escape without apology.